Planning is a cyclical process which requires consistent monitoring and adjusting. Progress to plan goals and objectives is measured, monitored, and reported on a regular basis.

For each commitment in the college plan, there are goals; and for each of the goals, there are guideposts that serve as markers along the path of the plan.

With the Institutional Planning and Assessment Office (IPA), the college is developing metrics to judge progress on the goals and to articulate the achievements by which the success of the plan will be measured.

Metrics and Targets are in each Summary Plan.

The University is currently developing a Framework for Assessment to facilitate planning, decision making, and performance monitoring activities at all levels of the university. The Framework will be organized around the goals of quality improvement, quality assurance and accountability and will provide tools to evaluate the impact of Indigenization, Discovery, Teaching & Learning, and Engagement activities.

Elements of the Framework that will assist Arts & Science in the creation, monitoring, and adjustment of strategic plans include:

  • Data profiles containing a series of metrics
  • Scorecards that showcase key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Insight from external benchmarking and peer comparisons
  • Others TBD 

The Framework will focus on how the university collectively monitors, assesses, and reports progress towards achieving institutional and unit-level goals. This ensures that the university’s programs and services are of high quality and are accountable to internal and external stakeholders. Watch for future updates.

Metrics and Targets for 2020-21

The College of Arts & Science is currently engaged with:

  1. Forming a clear understanding of what success looks like for our planning goals and objectives. Are goals unambiguous and measurable?
  2. Deciding which metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are meaningful and relevant to the strategic plan. Is the KPI quantitative or qualitative and where will the data come from?
  3. Determining our data and reporting needs in order to information to track planning activities and provide regular updates to stakeholders 

Effective planning requires that aspects of the strategic plan, and the plan itself, can be measured and monitored easily.

The communication of progress to stakeholders is important to satisfy the expectations for accountability and transparency that are placed upon the college and university.